Holiday Time

Today we set off on our South East Asia adventure to Lombok.

FireShot Screen Capture #012 - 'Sempiak Villas on Selong Belanak Be_' - www_thelostguides_com_2016_01_20_sempiak-villas-on-selong-belanak-beach-lombok.png

We arrived at our villa at 6ish just in time to watch the sunset over the hilltops of Lombok.

Our villas are situated in the south of Lombok on Selong Belanak beach,  one of the best beaches in Lombok. Life down south is largely untouched by tourism. On route from the airport you meander through villages, with people across the roadsides selling fish, laying out handmade bricks to dry in the sun, working in the fields and sometimes guiding buffalo with wooden ploughs as they prepaid the fields for planting.

The hotel is made up of lots five wooden villas. perched on the hillside overlooking the bay with breath-taking panoramic views, surrounded in lush green jungle. It’s so quite and remote.

There is a little golf buggy for getting down the hill if you didn’t want to walk. The walk is made up of tiny steps which weave down the hillside, through lush flora. You see the odd monkey, some beautiful butterfly’s and birds, so it’s decently worth it (if you are not too tired).

For our first night, we went ‘all out’ and stayed in villa Kokoh, the hotels most popular one bedroom villa complete with a lounge, dining and kitchen area.

For evening dinner Jules arranged a meal for us on the beachfront.

A perfect start to the Holiday.

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