Day 77: Cycle to Black Rock

Today Jules and I cycled to Black Rock beach, a long narrow beach about an hour cycle from Port Melbourne.

FireShot Screen Capture #010 - 'Port Melbourne VIC to Black Rock Beach - Google Maps' - www_google_com_au_maps_dir_Port+Melbourne+VIC_Black+Rock+Beach.png

Lots of great scenic picture stops. Including some Black Swans – prefer the white ones if I am honest. I thought the ‘ugly duckling’ grew into a ‘beautiful swan’ – over here they just stay ugly.


When we got to Black Rock we chilled for a bit on the beach. Jules fell asleep – standard.


We stopped and snapped some views of the famous Brighton Beach Huts on the way back, along with some sailing boats and views of Melbourne city.


We also stopped for coffee at a cute cafe by Albert Park Shops and had a quick look at the F1 track set up for next weekend.


Ozzy Observations:

Observations Of The Day: Chinese immigrants do NOT understand cycle path etiquette. The amount of times I rang my bell and they didn’t flinch. It was like cycle skittles out there.

New Findings: Cycling and gym = very tired Becky. Asleep by 9pm.

Animal Watch: Black swans. Not as pretty as the UK version but they scrub up well for a bird.



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